Letters to the Editor

Letter: Not buying it

Most of us are wise enough to keep such internally inconsistent ramblings to our private journals.

Letter: Reinbold’s idols

Has she no shame? She’s well on her way to clinching the title of Alaska’s greatest embarrassment.

Letter: Get rid of DST

From my point of view, DST does more harm than good, mainly to our health and students.

Letter: Kudos to ANTHC

I am confident in the leadership of Ms. Davidson and the management staff that has already been built up.

Letter: Clock shenanigans

This is patently ridiculous. Isn’t a clock supposed to approximately represent the position of the sun?

Letter: Mask skeptics

I wonder how many mask deniers have asked themselves why operating room personnel are required to wear them?

Letter: Proposed DMV closures

Perhaps they should concentrate more on realistic, actual budget issues. Yes, I know, I’m dreaming.

Letter: Special rights

Misogyny is ugly and unacceptable. Is misandry? Is homophobia?

Letter: Support the library

When you get your ballot, remember to vote yes on Proposition 2 to show your support for the library.

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